Its exhausting

I am finding these emotions very exhausting to handle, I wish my brain could make its mind up.

Although maybe its because of my brain I am having all these emotions.

Imagine if you will two friends chatting about you in a pub. One called Jim says you should be feeling down, you don’t deserve to be here, you are worthless, fat and ugly, you are not to be trusted and a truly horrible friend, partner and parent.

Then you have the other friend called Bob, who says actually you are a fairly decent person, and no one should feel like that and people would miss you if you were not here, you are worth much more than Jim gives you credit for and are in fact very trustworthy and Bob has found you a great friend and a brilliant parent.

They take it in turns to buy a round of drinks and first up to the bar is Jim and when he goes up Bob is left to think about what Jim has to say and it makes him sad. When bob goes up Jim thinks about what Bob has said and he then starts feeling happy about knowing you.

That is my brain but without the booze

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12 Responses to Its exhausting

  1. cateyycat says:

    I’m a little over 2 months sober, and I’ve been feeling the same way. I spent so long drinking to suppress my feeling and my anxiety and depression, so now that I’m sober I’ve been experiencing SO many feelings like tenfold. My boyfriend thought I was crazy but I was just like no I finally feel SOMETHING. It’s beautiful but exhaustinf

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    • Congratulations on the 2 months sober, I found when I quit drinking the second time around and got myself sorted. I managed to sort out a large amount of my mental health problems and you are right it feels weird to experience feelings but it also feels so good


  2. somhodie says:

    I can’t even begin to understand what it fells like, but I wish you all the luck to find a balance between Jim and Bob.

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  3. LoveisPower says:

    You’re not alone. This is also my brain as of recently. Hang it there!

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  4. Jules says:

    Good description of how it feels… It is exhausting!

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  5. Do you carry an Amethyst to help you through this?

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  6. fakeflamenco says:

    Go with Bob. He’s your real friend. : ) Moving stinks and can send anyone for a loop. I think you’re a good person.

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