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I may have mentioned masterchef Australia. I have no clue how many of you watch this but we are up to series 7 in the UK and already there have been some amazing chefs. BUT one of the chefs at the very beggining was kicked off cause he broke the rules about having more than 6 months experience in a professional kitchen. Feel very sorry for him but the rules are the rules.

However one of the contestents Reynold Poernomo put up an amazing stunning dish, yet his mother owns a pastry shop, which he has helped in and his brother is judge on Masterchef Indonesia, so I think there is a bit of double standards involved here.

Anyway this is most definitly the most exciting masterchef so far.

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  1. Yeah that is a bit of a double standard. Sounds like some bias could possibly be involved as well.

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  2. milliethom says:

    I haven’t watched this because there seem to be so many programmes at the moment about cooking/baking. I think what you say about rules being rules is very true, and double standards do seem to be at work here, too. It’s a wonder other contestants, or the judges, haven’t complained or done something about it..

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    • There is stacks on cooking at the moment, so I do tend to stick with just my masterchef ones, mainly because they can do amazing fish receipes, which is something I am trying to learn.

      I find it very weird, they put out something that says the family were very open and they didnt feel rules were broken, i suppose it comes down to what is their definition of a professional kitchen, because the argument could be made that what the brother has done with his career has nothing to do with him

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      • milliethom says:

        Well, if that’s what they say, I suppose the viewers just have to accept it’s OK. I watch little TV because I’m usually busy writing – which I’m about to do soon tonight.I can’t say I miss ‘televiewing’ a great deal, other than the great BBC dramas, which we record if I can’t watch them when they air.


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