Happy Divorce Day

Facebook has a on this day app, where basically it gives you all your statuses for that day.

I don’t know why I keep looking at it, well I do,I love seeing the videos and photos of my son when he was a baby, but anything from about 5 years+ I cringe at, I cringe at some of the later stuff, but these ones, I was an idiot who thought she was older than she was. I was in fact an immature twat.

But facebook has informed me that 8 years ago, my decree absolute came through and I was offically divorced. I got married two days before my 22nd birthday and the marriage only lasted about 2 years. Weird because we had been together 5 years before getting married, but I suppose I changed a lot in those two years.

I have so many fond memories, now, of my ex, it sounds weird but time really does ease the pain and at the time all I could think of is how much I hated him and all the bad times, but now I remember the weekends in Switzerland, our trip to Venezula, our honeymoon at Disneyland, the week in Malta, our conversations my Ex was very intelligent and at times I could barely keep up, one Christmas we had my whole family round and he put up the most amazing meal, he really was an amazing cook.

Our wedding was the best wedding I have ever been to. You might call me biased but no it really was. And while I say all this, I would rather break every single bone in my body to A. Go back to that time and B, ever contact my ex again,


As I said some amazing memories and has everything to do with who I am today and this is probably the only stroll down memory lane for a while because while its good to remember, sometimes it better to look forward and this is what I have to look forward to

the crane boysmatt puddlecatall the animals 2david having a good time

Fun times ahead

There is nothing wrong with the guy but sometimes the past should stay just where it is

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10 Responses to Happy Divorce Day

  1. Sometimes a shut door should remain firmly shut.

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  2. milliethom says:

    Your last line says it all. We often things from the past through rose-tinted glasses, when at the time, they were not so joyful. In my case, the older I get the more that seems so. Our minds just focus on the happy times and the rest – the less than happy occasions – seem to be drowned out by them. (That probably doesn’t make sense to anyone but me. LOL.) Best to move forward with the lovely family you have now.

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    • I completely agree, if I really think about it, I do remember the pain and how difficult it was, but now that doesn’t seem to matter, but I do want to keep hold of all the good memories we had. And then make really good memories with my family now

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      • milliethom says:

        Great to see you’re feeling so positive! That’s a big step forward in itself.The past does hold happy memories that are worth hanging onto, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that things were so much better then. I’ve done it all too often, as have many people, but if we’re honest, it isn’t strictly true – as I said before. The good thing just overwhelm the bad. As long as we realise that, we can get on with enjoying life now – and cherish fond memories of the past as just that: the past. Now is what is important and our future probably depends on that. And yes, making fond memories for your family now is important. πŸ™‚
        I did a post a while ago about when my children were young – at the request of a fellow blogger who’d recently moved here fron Nigeria. They were happy times for me, but I must be honest and say they were hard at times and stressful financially. But we got through it and now have lots of happy memories. πŸ™‚

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      • I love that. I think it was a bit of a shock realising it had been 8 years. I do believe that when you have younger kids certainly 5 and younger, they dont care about money they just care about having fun, getting dirty, and playing with cardboard boxes.

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      • milliethom says:

        No, they don’t, and my kids played to their hearts’ content. With six of them money was tight. I had several years at home, so just one teaching salary coming in made it hard. (Teachers’pay then was abysmal.) We were happy to do things close to home but holidays were out for some years, other than visits to grandparents.I used to feel it when our children used to come home in the summer talking about where all their friends were going. Still, as I said, we got by, and I endud up taking night classes at a nearby prison for young offenders (14-21). Nick worked on a farm in his holidays, too. These are just things you do to make ends meet. The older kids get, the more things cost – clothes, shoes and so on Not to mention food. πŸ™‚

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      • At the moment, my son is on a growth spurt, he is eating me out of house and home. But six that is amazing, especially on one teacher’s salary. I always think the grass in always greener. My two nephews get taken to America once a year for 3+ weeks. Their fav holiday is a weekend at a place called Walton -on-the-naze in Essex, its near Colchester.

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      • milliethom says:

        I don’t know Walton-on-the-Naze, although I’ve been to Colchester. My sister lives in Harlow, so we have odd days out when we’re down there.I can understand 3 year olds liking that better than America, with a long flight and so on Bucket-and-spade holidays are always a favourite at that age. They might change their minds when they get a bit older.
        My children are all well grown up now. The eldest is 42 and the youngest, 32. My parents still lived in Southport (a seaside town where I grew up) when they were all little and they loved the beach and pine woods there. So, I suppose they did have holidays when we visited them. Going anywhere was a two-car job though, so that always cost us more. We only had one car then, so we had to hire one. Happy days!
        Have a great weekend. I’m hoping to get some more of my book written. πŸ˜€

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      • And you, good luck with the writing

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