Big Sigh

I haven’t written for a few days, I have been feeling a bit on the edge really, its a struggle to do anything, exercising over the weekend was a non entity,

I am not sure what is wrong, I keep going from this to steady to back to this and it is starting to wear me down, I have started to have intrusive thoughts again.

People piss me off and I mean close friends, The pregnancy thing is a really big deal at the moment and I am so sick of seeing people with their babies.

I know I am angry and I am so so so tired. I am not sleeping and when I finally do I get woken up by my own brain every half an hour or so.

Next Shrink app is the 10th Nov and for once I am looking forward to it

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12 Responses to Big Sigh

  1. Tony Burgess says:

    Grace and peace to you my friend. Life can get the best of all of us, you are not alone.

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  2. I like to just be a listening ear if that would help. Please don’t take it wrongly, but have you tried prayers at a time such as this? Prayers have a great way of steadying my mind when it’s in turmoil.

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    • I admire anyone who has a belief in a God, but I do not. I do however find myself chatting to myself to try and get my thoughts in order. Thank you so much for the lovely offer. I will keep you in mind. I think just writing it down has helped me


  3. Patricia says:

    Lack of sleep affects how we look at things not to mention how we feel. Maybe you will be exhausted enough to get some much needed sleep soon. Have you tried Melantonin? I can’t nap during the day unless I have had way too little sleep. So hard to turn my brain off. Here is a trick that may or may not interest you. Start relaxing your toes and once they are relaxed move to the next body part up and most times before I reach my waist, I’m asleep. It’s called self meditation. It’s all about getting those thoughts out of your head. Of course, your situation is much harder to overcome than my brain that doesn’t want to quit. If I try to go to sleep when I’m not sleepy, I will stay awake all night even after I get sleepy. Who knows what that is about? Anyway, I get your frustration. That doctor’s appointment can’t come soon enough, right? Hang in there. I’m here for you.😊

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  4. everydaylifeandhardships says:

    All the best! I hope you come out on the other side feeling a lot better! X

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  5. Mir Fleur says:

    Not much practical advice I can add, but just wanted to pop in and give you a virtual hug and my love and best wishes, I hope tomorrow is better 🙂 Mir xx

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  6. Sending you Love, Light, Peace and Happiness.

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