I noticed

While I was out on my trying to figure what is going on with my head, I have been trying for a good 25 years now, its the optimist in me that makes me think it is possible, I also read a couple of blogs and 2 main ones came to my attention and I can say that what they both said was true, the first one is Michael over at Michael’s Origins


he has done a couple which is worth having a look at recently

and it nicely leads on to Danny over at Dream Big Dream often who did this post

Why Hiding in Your Corner Isn’t Going to Bring Readers

While I am never going to be able to do some of those how to blog posts. I personally do notice a difference in my general posting. Obviously if I dont post I get less vies, that is obvious but my best day was when I reblogged, I think 3 different posts. Now I am in no way saying you should reblog every single post you read, but if you really like it more than just pressing a button it is worth it and the one thing I learnt from Danny is to make sure you go in and edit the tags. I don’t know why this works but it does.

So this weekend I posted once, Danny very thougthfully reblogged me twice sometimes I get a massive view, sometimes I don’t but if I take out the views that wordpress says Danny sent over, I actually got very little traffic, which I do find interesting.

I might try a few other things to see if anything makes a difference but basically I have learnt I need to post to get views.

If you want proper good advice go and check both Michael and Danny who get why these things happen 🙂

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3 Responses to I noticed

  1. dray0308 says:

    Thank you for the mention. I will briefly explain adding tags. When you reblog, that post is immediately available to those that follow you via Reader. If you have 500 followers the reblogged post is available to only those 500. If you go in and add tags, the reblogged post is now available to anyone and everyone that searches those tags. Which opens the post to the other 60 million WordPress subscribers.

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