This is only the second PMQ’s that has been shown since I last wrote about Jeremy Corybn’s first one, which I was very thrilled about.

I am guessing something about the Labour very quick turn around on the budget cuts when two weeks earlier he was backing it will be mentioned.

I hope Corbyn keeps the whole asking the public questions

It started off with MP’s asking questions, which I am not hundred percent sure I have seen before, I always thought the opposition asked the questions and then the MP’s, The second question certainly seemed to be mocking the Labour leader by the tone of voice using honrable

“economic plan” was mentioned 3 times, so far, in 4 minutes by Cameron

when Jeremy Corbyn stands up he looks like his mum dressed him

“200 people email on tax credits Kelly: Single mum disbaled child, 40.5 hours per week trained job £7.20 an hour, thus having tax credits taken off her will be taking money away”

Cameron starts on his usual bringing in NLW rach £9 by the end of the parliment, you have to earn a minimum of 11k before start paying taxes, families will now get  30 hours childcare, plus if she happens to be in council or housing tennant her rent is being reduced.

The end of parliment is 2020, so she has to cling on till them I suppose

Corbyn  comes back with

Well she will be £1800 worse off as of next April, 3 million families worse off, 500,000 children in poverty compared to five years ago.

And Cameron fires back more figures and facts

400,000 children have families in work, 2 million people in work since they took over,  employment as fallen. All people are benefiting in a growing economy

Again more facts this time from Corbyn

Reality is families rely on tax credits to eat, cutting tax benefitsis hurting the poor, while tax cuts for the rich bill.

And here comes the mention of the deficit and vote for more borrowing which I assumed would come up and I am not sure why Labour have done such a massive U turn

Corbyn starts on a new question

“3500 question on housing, Matthew.

And the Tory party start laughing now judging by Twitter it seems to be that they are laughing at people  living in poverty. I am not sure that is the reason, I think the reason is this


This is the look that Corbyn gave a Tory heckler

Corbyn asks a question about house prices and being able to afford houses especially in Lodon

Cameron answers using the words right to buy, buying your own housing association house and all these things, which to be honest I tuned out of, because even with all these things, I am never going to afford my own house, nor are many many people because its just not possible, but I was jolted back with Corbyn using this

“Can I bring the Tory leader back to reality”

lots of jeers and laughter

It seems Corbyn’s approach is to build more social housing, which I am not sure is the way to go either, but it starts getting harder and harder to hear

Speaker inturpts at last

The last question is about breast cancer and the collection of data about secondary breast cancer, and would david Cameron follow up on the promise of 2010 by making the data of secondary breast cancer better

I liked the fact the last question drew all the parties together, and it feels like they leave on good terms, well as good as term as two opposite parties can.

All in all, I think Corbyn is going to have Cameron on the back foot before long, but I do think what is going to ruin this is the left supporters on twitter. I watched it twice and there is no way the Tory’s were laughing at poor people and its a shame that that seems to be the thing people took away from this, rather than the fact it is getting interesting and the PM is being forced into accountabilty

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