how old were you/your child

Leading on from my last post. I want to talk about swimming, for some reason where I live it doesn’t seem important, we are not near the sea, nor any massive lake, so swimming just seems to be on the back burner, now before I put on weight I was taking my son swimming and trying to teach him.

But since I put on the weight, I have not got the confidence, plus nothing fits. But I feel its important to teach kids how to swim at the very least how not to drown.

I saw on facebook they have lessons going at the local swimming pool. Now I know what you are thinking how does swimming lessons relate in any to being socialble. Its the whole sitting there with other parents maybe making small talk, while watching your child. (You see that clever link 😉 )

However I feel this is important, but I wonder if 3 is maybe to young and they don’t get the co ordination of the whole kicking legs, waving arms.

So how old were you? or your child? Or haven’t you learnt? Also it would be interesting to see if you live close to water.

For example I have in my head, people are more likely to be able to swim in Florida than in New Mexico, maybe that is just me

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  2. rosieeek says:

    I’ve never been a strong swimmer, I can still remember needing but denying floaties in first grade so I probably started my lessons when I was six or so. I live in New Jersey, so we are surrounded by oceans and maybe I’d be a better swimmer if I started earlier. Just my thoughts 🙂


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  3. Ameena k.g says:

    Three is not too young. I have a friend who learnt how to swim at a similar age too and now she swims like a fish but me, I’m currently attending weekly swimming trying to grasp atleast how to float 😄.

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  4. Tessa says:

    They teach infants to swim. 3 is not too young and my grandchildren learned very early too. I am also from NJ and the go to the ocean a lot in the summer and their other grandma has a pool. I learned as a kid, but I am still afraid to swim much or put my head under water.

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  5. Swimming is a natural instict. I began swim lessons at 5, but I started my son at 3.

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  6. One of my friend’s daughter is 2 years old and they take her to swimming classes for me..I’m a little scared of water and I dont know how to swim 😰

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  7. I was 12! T was scared of water so didn’t start until 7 but I wanted him to have them earlier. If it helps you know how anti social I am and I cope, people are usually busy watching their kids rather than talking.

    There are little ones at T’s lessons tgat swim really well. Apparently the earlier they learn the easier it is.

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