fell off the wagon

so last night, was a bad night


While I may joke about it, this is serious. Last night I successfully drunk 2 bottles of wine. Here is a list of why it is not my fault

  1. My son was a nightmare
  2. After two weeks I finally got some money
  3. To prove I could just have one glass
  4. because I am an adult
  5. I was getting very anxious
  6. I had had a bad day
  7. I wanted to relax
  8. It had been a while
  9. I wanted a glass of wine while I watched TV
  10. I can’t think of a tenth but I am sure there is one

Here is the actual reason

  1. I am addicted

I am so angry and upset with myself. I had been doing so well and I (or my brain) managed to convince myself to go and buy some wine and drink it. I know its take one step at a time, one day at a time, but I shouldn’t of slipped and I am not sure why I did

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24 Responses to fell off the wagon

  1. Tessa says:

    Pick yourself up and get back on the wagon. You may fall several times, but always get back up. We are all human. I would love to drink something, but I have an addictive personality and I am afraid I won’t stop if it feels good. So I try not to very often. Just keep picking yourself up and talk to someone if you need to. Good luck!

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  2. momterry says:

    Pick yourself up . I imagine you get tired of hearing those words but saying them to you anyway. Like Tessa said before me talk to someone if you need to. I for one am here anytime you need to vent, talk or yell.. Anytime.

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  3. Don’t beat yourself up. Yes you slipped but that’s all it was. A slip. It’s not a fall or a crash and burn. You see the mistake and will take whatever steps you need to in order to prevent it happening again. I believe you can do that!

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  4. Sorry you slipped but it does happen to everyone. Pick yourself back up and move forward, one slip up does not define you! It does not undo all of your hard work.

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  6. Patricia says:

    Forgive yourself, tomorrow is another day.

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  7. Daisy9979 says:

    It happens but you pick yourself up. Don’t beat yourself up over what you did yesterday and move forward to a new day!

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  8. Don’t give this experience another thought, instead think of the times before this experience, the times when you were in control, and project them thoughts forward, NEVER looking back on these small misdemeanours, but concentrating on the massive positive steps you’ve made. – Rest assured, you’ve done nothing wrong.
    -Take care, E

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  9. I have been in and out clean & sober for about 12 years now. There is much to say about lapses, but the first thing, and one of the hardest, is not to beat yourself up about it. My two cents here is:(1) who have an addiction, and what exactly means is up for debate, anyone giving a singular definition is not really seeing the whole picture. In one article I read, one of the heads of a premier center for the research of addiction asked (referring to gambling), “how can one be addicted to dice?” (2) This one I said out loud in an out-patient group substance abuse session, and which did not please the two counselor facilitating the session: “When I use it’s in large part because I view life as being in a dentist’s chair and I can choose to have the Novocaine or not, and in that situation only the insane person would tell the dentist to not use the Novocaine.” There’s a certain logic to that thought which makes it incredibly difficult in the “here and now” to keep with the ‘program’ for the benefits down the road. This is why you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it (something I have done to myself plenty of times – so easier said than done).

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  10. sylvialoves says:

    I’m sorry, but this post made me laugh so hard. Your disease sucks, but if you have to slip at least know you made me smile.

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  11. Fashion Blog says:

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