Toddlers And Firearms

Says it all really

A Momma's View

For a while now I wanted to write a post about the issue the US seems to have re guns. Yes, I call it an issue. I was wondering for a long time what the best title for the post would be. And then I stumbled across this post and in my books it says it all. The only thing I’d like to add is the following picture:

A twisted world, isn’t it?

And yes, I know it’s not something to make jokes about, still I couldn’t resist adding this pic:

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6 Responses to Toddlers And Firearms

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I’m glad I still have the right to protect myself with my gun. Who is taking them away from the criminals?

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  2. sylvialoves says:

    Yep she’s right and this year gun deaths in the US will out pace car deaths for the first time since both of those items were prevalent. 35,000 gun deaths, and 33,000 car deaths. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

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    • Midwestern Plant Girl says:

      I’m not a statistic fan, as I feel they can be skewed to make anything work for the situation. Should we make it harder to own and drive a car with statistics like this?
      It is hard to get a gun LEGALLY. Not so hard to get one illegally. The city of Chicago has been gun free for years, yet gun violence is always high there.
      Just offering a different perspective. 😃

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      • Loving the different perspective


      • sylvialoves says:

        You know where gun violence isn’t prevalent where it used to be. Every other first world country but this one. Like every single one. You know what the sad thing is? All these deaths and yet people want to offer a “different perspective.” As if somehow making it harder for dumb people to get guns would be such a problem. Consider this. To get a car you have to pass a test, and have insurance. To get a gun you only have to wait a few days and have money. But then we also have gun shows to circumvent that because we haven’t put any real pressure on those idiots. Why? Because gun lobbyists think somehow if the government comes knocking that they are gonna take on a tank or a trained sniper, or better yet a missile armed drone with a 9mm handgun? It’s insane, and no, I don’t think all guns should be taken either. It’s gotten to the point of sick now though. Time to legislate for the kids.

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