Insomnia sucks hairy monkey balls

I know I have said this before, but I really hate having insomnia, with a passion and I miss drinking my weight in wine as it knocked me out and I would at least get more sleep than I have been getting (3 hours last night)

And its not just because the wine knocks me out. I find when I am lying in bed my anxiety comes out a lot worse and I panic over everything from if the clock is too loud to what my son is going to be when he grows up.

So yep, I am moody but I must say, my son allowed me about half an hour extra this afternoon by curling up on the sofa with me to watch a tv programme. He was really sweet, which makes life a lot more bearable

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14 Responses to Insomnia sucks hairy monkey balls

  1. any1mark66 says:

    Good luck with that! I’m useless with less than six hours. I end up watching tv til my brain gives up.

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  2. Any night that I don’t sleep well I am like a Bear with a sore thumb.

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  3. SleepOnIt says:

    I used to hate it. and then i realised i couldn’t do much about it. there’s something nice and very lonely about being the only one awake.

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  4. Insomnia and anxiety are a couple of the worst things!

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