A rant for a friend

I was chatting to my friend C yesterday. C is one of my closest friends, Her priorities are

  1. Her son
  2. Animals
  3. Grammar and punctuation
  4. Me
  5. Family
  6. Friends

And to be honest at times 1 and 2 might be switched, basically what I am saying is she loves animals. But she showed me this article.


Now it is an old article, but the figure if anything has gone up. I have had experience in this sort of thing, my dog Max is an aggressive dog towards other dogs and also strangers. My son bullies him and he has never snapped and as for the cats the only time he has gone for one is when Jones (my old cat) jumped on him when he was asleep.

But towards other dogs and humans he does turn nasty, so we took him to a animal expert, who advised us if he didn’t get better because of the aggression no charity would take him in.

After chatting to C I found this to be very wrong, the big charities wouldn’t take him in but the small charities could and would probably train him better than me, who has little experience and no training other than you tube could. We have worked with Max and he is better.

But the fact is very few small charities get anything like what the RSPCA do in contributions. Yet do so much better for the animals. And for added information if you give to the RSPCA, I am not sure where it goes as all the shelters are self funding.

In C’s own words

“I’m so disgusted by this! The RSPCA is one of the absolute worst “rescue” charities there are. As for then having to put animals to sleep because they can’t find “catteries, kennels or other shelters” that is an outright lie. The RSPCA refuse to work with other rescues and will put an animal down knowing full well there are rescue places available.”

Personally I think to own an animal you should have to get a license and for breeding them, you should be able to get a special licence and then maybe we wouldn’t have so many unwanted animals.

For a special thing as well, I would ban pet shops from selling any pets unless they are for food, such as mice,rats, crickets.

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4 Responses to A rant for a friend

  1. It is quite horrible. And it sucks that so many pets are treated so badly too.

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