Tax Credit Cuts

Yesterday, the welfare bill amendment was voted on in the House of Lords, and marginally won by 17. The amendment was that the tax credit cuts go through a three year implimentation rather than what the Tory’s were going to do which is just cut them in April, and while they banged on about a living wage, its not due to come in till 2020, leaving people to basically starve for four years.

Anyway so it went to the House of Lords and thank god they voted to delay the 4.4bn package of cuts. There is outrage from the Tory party and  I believe a lot of threats were made. And even now the government are saying they are going to change the way the voting works. This is typical of this government, if something doesn’t go well or they want to convince people of something they change it and not for the good, the definition of child poverty is one of the main things, so now the goverment can claim it is wiping out child poverty, rather than what it did, which was fiddling the numbers.

Anyway so the House of Lords delayed the welfare bill, which is a huge thing. I mean its massive and one of the reasons is the House of Lords are not voted in by the people, are normally fairly rich I say fairly rich I mean worth 650 million pounds each fairly rich.

Yet these people are the ones who said hang on you do what you want to do its going to screw a large section of society so no. Lets not let it through, unlike the people who were voted in, who voted this welfare bill through 3 times. Not just once but three times.

This is the bill that A study by the Resolution Foundation think-tank found that 200,000 children would slide into poverty immediately after the tax credit cuts go ahead.

Of course there are always going to be someone who the press fixate on as a bad guy and that person seems to be Andrew Lloyd Webber who hasn’t voted in the House of Lords since 2013, flew over here by private jet to try and force the bill through.

He is a Tory peer of course he is going to vote for it. What annoyed me is he is claiming the reason why he came over to vote, was its important for democracy. Surely what is important is not to put thousands of hard working families into poverty

The person we should be fixating on is David Cameron, who today in PMQ’s refused to answer 6 times whether families will lose out next year. Or George Osbourne, this is a guy who had to pay back nearly £2000 in expenses, he used tax payers money to buy a paddock, but at least he made money flipping his second home. Oh wait hang on that is not allowed either . This is an MP who has claims of a cocaine habit follow him around like a bad smell. Maybe these are the people we should be getting angry with not some guy who made his money being good at something other than making people poor

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