I must say that yesterday was a most bizarre day. I had mentioned to my partner that I would love to go up to London and see Ripley’s believe it or not with our son.

Yesterday my partner insisted that we did just that, it took everything I had to get there, my partner made this “easier” by informing my son we were going on a train to London. So I had a very excited 3 year old to prompt me.

I managed it, we went up to London, it was a very empty train, so i didn’t have that to worry about, we went to Ripley’s and then our son decided he wanted to go to a toy shop.

So you in are in London with a 3 year old demanding to go to a toy shop, so were do you go? Hamley’s (which for everyone’s information is my version of hell)

Then a very excited three year old, once forced out of the toy shop, wanted to go see Big Ben. Hamley’s is in Regent Street. Big Ben is near Waterloo, its just over a mile. Normally we would get the tube, but by this time it was about 5.30pm and I am already in a very anxious mood, So we decide to walk it, keeping in mind that we may have to carry our son.

I am going to say now, I was so very proud of M, he was happy and chatting all the way. And then to his delight, we came across this gentlemen

soilder matt

And with two policemen as well. That would be my son pretending to be a soldier

We walked passed Downing Street, The Cabinet, the Ministry of defence, we saw the London eye and The Thames, with boats, lots of boats and the best thing, we got to Big Ben for 7pm so he heard it go and was thrilled.

We managed to get a train fairly quickly, but from London to where we live is two trains, and the second train was cancelled, by this time, it was coming onto 9pm and so myself and my partner made the decision to get a taxi and are hoping we may get something back from the train company.

The best thing about the day according to my son. Was the flipping taxi ride

I am glad I managed it, even 6 months ago this would not of been possible unless I was manic, however the aftermath is still there, I am sat in my lounge looking out into the big wide world from my lounge window thinking there is no fucking chance I am leaving.

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5 Responses to Yesterday

  1. Patricia says:

    What a beautiful day, I am jealous. I wish I could go to London. I love reading about it. You may be paying for it today but you had yesterday with your partner and son. That’s progress.

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  2. Wow way to go! What a nice and active day you all had, although I’m sure it was utterly exhausting!

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