DBDO’s 10 Simple Blogging Tips

oooohh I love a good old tip page.

Dream Big, Dream Often


I hope everyone enjoyed our blogging tips discussions today and found them useful!  This will be the last blogging post.  The remainder of the night will be random reblogs I find interesting.

10 very simple blogging tips:

  1. Use spellcheck
  2. Keep posts to between 400-1200 words max
  3. Post consistently throughout the day: 5-10 posts
  4. Don’t try to out think the room.  Meaning stop stringing complicated themes together with even more complicated words. Keep your writing style simple and don’t try to impress.
  5. Use spellcheck.  But Danny you already said that.  Yes I did. Use it.
  6. Do not use background images that make seeing your blog home page impossible.
  7. Create an About page.  It is the first page I go to when visiting a new page.  No About Page, I exit immediately.
  8. Organize your page in a simple and easy way to navigate.  Add a Most Recent Posts widget to your sidebar.
  9. Link…

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  1. Great yet mostly simple tips!

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