Exercise Day 64

I always said, when I started trying to lose weight by doing exercises, there was no point lying about it.

I can honestly say that today has been the hardest day, I thought yesterday was just a lazy day, but I was kidding myself, as always anxiety has brought his best friend depression back into my life. Getting out of bed was a struggle.

But you know I may have gone downhill but I know I can find a silver lining so today’s exercise

I got out of bed and got dressed.

I made my son’s bed

I made my bed

I played sleeping lions (a bit like musical statues) with my son

While I didn’t do my usual, I am going to count these because I am going to be impressed with myself.

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6 Responses to Exercise Day 64

  1. The question is whether one is facing a challenge and pushes through it. There have been a number of times when my big accomplishment for the week was just doing the laundry. It was hard to accept that I should see this as an accomplishment when others just do it without much thought. But with the help of a number of therapists, I slowly grew to accept this facet of my condition.

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    • I believe in pushing myself, but when you are fighting your own brain its difficult, all I can do is base it on the fact I haven’t given up, like you I struggle seeing getting dressed as an achievment, but if half of yourself doesn’t want to then I am going to count it 🙂

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  2. Jay says:

    Some days you have to celebrate these kinds of victories. Good for you.

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  3. Every healthy decision carries you towards your goals, no matter how little. Sounds like you’re making good progress. Good for you for getting up and going about life! I know it can be debilitating dealing with depression/anxiety, especially all at once.

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