Is insomnia catching?

So I may have been slightly bitching about my insomnia, added to this Friday night/Saturday Morning I managed to fall asleep at about 3.15am, some bastards set off fireworks at 3.30 till gone 4am.

So it is taking its toll, especially with my son who seems to think 5.30am is a great time to get up.

The problem now seems to be my partner isn’t sleeping, his broken hand is really not helping, as everytime he lies on it he wakes up through the pain, so yesterday (or this morning) saw both of us still up at 5.30am when our son woke up.

My partner stayed up with him for a few hours and then I took over, but something is going to break if this continues.

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6 Responses to Is insomnia catching?

  1. Yikes. Good luck. Each of you not sleeping well is not good!! Has this always been a problem for you? Or just since children?

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