Its been a while

Today I had a shrink app, I don’t know if it was me, but for the first time, it felt like I wasn’t believed.

I do hate going there when I am feeling ok. I know its something in my head that I need to attend when I am either depressed or manic and its a good thing when I am fine, but still. Like I said might all be in my head.

There is a lot of building work going on, I spoke about it here how they had sold off land, but it never occured to me how awkward I might feel going pass 20 odd builders as I go to a mental ward.

When I got in, for the first time the waiting room was crowded. So I took a deep breath and stared at a wall, me and that wall became good friends.

All went well, medication (I am not on any) was discussed and we have decided to go with what was prescribed last time, since it might help with sleeping. Which is my main concern at the moment. There is a reason they use sleep deprevation as torture.

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3 Responses to Its been a while

  1. Hope you sleep better. The last couple of nights my sleep has been horrible due to cold.
    So I hope it gets better for tou

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