Oh My

Do you, when you read a post, get an idea of a person, their age, what they look like, and build that picture.

I do it all the time and every single time I am wrong, its one of the reasons why I love awards I love learning about other people.

I am not going to mention the blogger, but I was reading their answers to an award and boy was I way out of their age (as in a good 15 years) whoops.

You ever gotten it that wrong before?

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16 Responses to Oh My

  1. Delilah says:

    haha, all the time.

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  2. Yes. A lot of times . I like unmasking the masquerade 😊

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  3. The same here. And I’m always wrong. It looks like everyone is hiding behind walls.

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  4. heenie says:

    Lol, is this me 😉

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  5. nearlywes says:

    Haha all the time, I mean there are times where I’m reading and I’m thinking ‘This is certainly a guy.’ then it turns out to be a girl or vice versa. It’s difficult to determine really anything about a person over the internet, everything could be fabricated or nothing at all is. It’s really up in the air here on the internet.

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  6. nearlywes says:

    Is it because you can’t see the bottom of my face in the picture, or you think I’m a girl 😛 hahaha

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