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I have been mulling round doing a post on blogging tips and as I sat down to think about it, I gave a bit of a laugh and thought that would be a truly shit post. All the advice I have is nicked off other people, but as I think I am finally catching up, probably next week links is going to be blogs I consider as blogging tips blogs.

Maybe, I still might change my mind

Do you have any blogging advice you would give to a new blogger, or maybe which you had known what you first started?

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9 Responses to Blogging Tips

  1. 22aer22 says:

    This is a basic one – but it’s so good to have a schedule and keep to it. Posting regularly and being consistent about when you post is great. People know when to check back in with you!

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  2. I wish I knew the answer to this myself. I am horrible at keeping up with posting and doing it religiously.

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  3. I am really to new to give any real useful advise but I think a good about me page is a good but of advice.


  4. Tessa says:

    I spent a lot of time putting together an interesting opening page and had a follower as soon as I hit publish blog. Make sure your first blog posts are eye-catching and if you want followers you must follow others.

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  5. (1) always be authentic, even if you think people might think you’re silly or trite and (2) challenge yourself, whatever form of expression one choose.

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  6. Also, in spite of “all the advice I have is nicked off other people” remember, to tweak the saying, we all stand on the shoulders of giants

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  7. Spit it out! Your views count!

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  8. I’m just stopping by really quickly to say that even though you have gotten a majority of your advice from other people, it’s still valuable and unique because you could post what of that advice actually helped you or worked for you. Every blogger giving out advice got it from somewhere or learned it the hard way. I’m sure you have learned something that is unique to you too 🙂

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