I dont think I could of blogged today and not said something about Paris, I watched it unfolding yesterday and it was liking watching a horror movie, the amount of death and destruction of lives this has caused is heartbreaking.

I couldn’t imagine what people are going through or what the feeling now in Paris is. One of fear? Distress?

I made the mistake of going onto a few websites, with people screaming out to irridact Muslims. I am not sure what Mr Khan at my local shop has done to these people, I am also not sure if the brain cell they seem to be sharing between them is finding that statement ironic. Also I do wonder with those sort of people, that if they live in the UK, whether they remember the IRA, And how all Christians were in it. No wait that carrys about the same amount as telling me all Muslins are ISIS.

I fear my child growing up in this world and not just to the acts of cowards who use a religion to hide behind but the amount of prejuidice towards other people, whether it is Muslims or refugees.

I mean, the refugees are fleeing from the exact sort of thing that happened in Paris and to blame them is like blaming a woman for being raped

And the speculation that these cowards came in with the refugees, well you will excuse me while I wait for proof that they were not French.

While I remember the victims in Paris, I also remember the victims in Beirut, Lebanon where 2 suicide bombers on motorcycles set off bombs which killed 43 people and wounded over 200. It is the worse attack in years

Just because I don’t want to give a lot of time or words to the cowards I shall leave with the thought that my heart goes out to the victims, Paris and France #prayforparis #prayforpeace

paris 2Paris 1paris 3


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