Original material

Yesterday I wrote a blogging advice post. You can read it here

Because my sleep is so screwed up at the minute I can hardly walk let alone think of something to blog about. So what I thought was to put the comments in a post.





All informed me in their not so subtle ways 😉 that my advice is as good as anyone elses. And to be honest the only advice I have is to connect, find new blogs, go out and comment, like the post if you think it is good and if you really like it reblog it, never make the mistake of thinking other people have read it, cause chances are they haven’t

“This is a basic one – but it’s so good to have a schedule and keep to it. Posting regularly and being consistent about when you post is great. People know when to check back in with you!” –

“I am really to new to give any real useful advise but I think a good about me page is a good bit of advice”. –     – https://elementhealing.wordpress.com/

“I spent a lot of time putting together an interesting opening page and had a follower as soon as I hit publish blog. Make sure your first blog posts are eye-catching and if you want followers you must follow others.” –


“1) always be authentic, even if you think people might think you’re silly or trite and (2) challenge yourself, whatever form of expression one choose.” –


“I wish I knew the answer to this myself. I am horrible at keeping up with posting and doing it religiously.” –


^^^^ This is how I feel 99% of the time.

There you go some really good advice from some great bloggers

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  1. You have succinctly done a blogging advice post with style 😊

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