Body and Brain VS me

I am not sure whether its me because part of my mental state is wrapped up with getting pregnant, but this seems to be a conversation my body has with my brain

Brain: Hey, pssst body, I am annoyed

Body: Why

Brain, well I have thrown bipolar, depression, anxiety and OCD at her this month, I even went as far as to put in a bit mania, for a giggle and well this month, she has survived infact she seems pretty chilled. So I added insomnia, nop she is tired but nothing doing.

Body: Oh, well I have something I can do. Lets make her period late by 5 days that will send her over the edge when it does turn up

Brain: That is a great idea, fantastic, lets do it


I hate it when they team up

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9 Responses to Body and Brain VS me

  1. Jules says:

    Ooooh dear… I was four days late and freaking out but finally got my period … Idk if youre trying but i hope that you whatever you want to happen happens

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  3. amommasview says:

    Oh that’s mean! Very mean! I hope you can shut them down and get your way 🙂

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  4. M says:

    I’m sorry dear.

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  6. rhymingwithwine says:

    Gah! That’s just cruel. I suggest you crush them both with copious amounts of cake. That’ll teach em! Fingers crossed for next time for you… xx

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