Being a cat owner

I am fairly sure my cat Gizmo

gizmo 2015

Yep this one looking cute as anything. Him, I am fairly sure, he has found a mouse nest.

I am basing this on the dead baby mouse I found two days ago, the half dead mouse he bought in the other day, the mouse he delivered to me yesterday with the back legs broken and finally the very alive, could move and run around my kitchen mouse he also found for me.


I am not sure why he is delivering them in various states of injury, unless he is teaching me to hunt, but dead things got the biggest scream.

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6 Responses to Being a cat owner

  1. I was told by a reliable source that when a cat brings you dead mice, etc. that he is giving it to you as a gift. So know you are loved.
    My cat is “half- feral” so she only allows me to touch her once in a while. I feel so special when she does, but for the most part I tell her, “Go ahead and be snooty.” I inherited her from my mother in law ( now in heaven) .

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  2. Haha! He’s bringing you presents! Maybe even trying to feed you 🙂

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  3. Jo says:

    I just love how contrary cats are!

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