It is a fickle mistress

I have been fortunate in the internet, I have not been subjected to bullying, I tend not to get offended by, well, anything much.


I do tend to find that bullying and offended are two of the most misused words on the internet


tat word

I am not saying there is not bullying on line but disagreeing with someone does not mean you are bullying them.

However for the first time today I found myself picked on (not bullied) I have noticed, that there is a lot of hate out there in the world at the moment, for many different people, but at the moment refugees and Muslims seem to be taking the heat, some of this hate is by die hard racists who, despite their beer gut, grey hair and brown eyes believe that anyone who does not conform to the blond hair, blue eyes look should be immediatly put to death, (I get the irony that I have lumped all racists into one group)

However there are other people who are just scared, it’s not right for them to lump everyone into one group and assume that all refugees are terrorists or that the Muslim religion breeds hate, but they do, not because they hate refugees or Muslims but because they are scared and for these people all that has have to happen is to educate them.


For your racist who just hates no amount of educations will work, but for scared people, it just might,


Keeping that in mind, I came across a facebook page, which takes the piss out of racists spelling, they seem to troll the internet and find racist comments and then correct the spelling, or just take the chronic piss out of the post.

However some of the stuff I was reading, was just plain bullying, so I pointed this out and was set upon for my spelling, grammar and, for the first time certainly in my mind was picked on, for voicing an opinion.

They were proving a point, my point.

It wasnt a nice experience and I found myself trying to not get angry at the assumptions being made.

At this time, we should be working together not being bastards to each other for different opinions

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11 Responses to It is a fickle mistress

  1. any1mark66 says:

    The closed mind reacts the strongest when exposed to the light of reason. I hope I spelled all that right. Being blonde and armed with iPad and smart phone, I could be dangerous to some of these purists.

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  2. I agree we should be working together, hopefully that will happen in our lifetime.

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