I’m so excited



I have woken up this morning to lots new followers, not sure why, I am freaking awesome was my first thought, then I thought back on the last few days, and I realised I had been reblogged. A few people have highlighted my blog as one to read. Thank you so much to those people.

Thank you so much to my old readers. You guys are freaking awesome


And Hello to my new followers. I am not sure if you are awesome but I am going to assume so till I find otherwise, if I haven’t popped over to your blog yet expect me. I like cake, wine (which I am not allowed to have) and photos of cats.


Oh and because of all of you 500 followers is looking much closer. So whoop whoop

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6 Responses to I’m so excited

  1. any1mark66 says:

    Congrats. A celebratory cat photo for a present. .. wpid-20140820_152502.jpg

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  2. nearlywes says:

    Wooohooo, I would use some of these poppers and confetti but I’m trying to save some for when I hit 300 followers. Screw it! I’ll buy more. *throws confetti* *pops the poppers*

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  3. skynimbus says:

    Aah, yay! 😀

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