4 Simple, Common Sense Blogging Tips

Not sure but I think Danny is telling me to use spellcheck 😉

Dream Big, Dream Often

credit: funbrain.com credit: funbrain.com

I have some quick advice for blogging based on a lot of mistakes I keep seeing during my networking hour each morning:

  1. Please use spellcheck.  I lose count each morning with the number of simple errors that spellcheck would cure.  I stop reading if I see too many common errors.  You’re, your, lose, loose…there is a difference!
  2. Use other bloggers as a free way to connect with new readers.  So many people ignore reblogs and miss out on a free opportunity to meet someone new.  I click on every single reblog I find and am thankful that the individual delivered a potential new reader to my doorstep.
  3. Stop using more than 15 tags.  WordPress only recognizes 15 total tags including a category.  If you use more than 15 you might as well use zero.  Your posts will not show up in tag searches rendering your posts invisible to…

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