Update: What About the Hand Lotion? (Reaching 300 Followers)

This is an interesting blog, who are celebrating their 300, please check them out 🙂

The Lonely Tribalist

[Hint: It’s a masturbation joke. Because these posts are onanistic, amiright or amiright?]

Well, it’s been a little over 3 1/2 months since the inception of this blog. We’re a little behind our goal of accruing 100 followers a month, but that’s all right. We don’t need validation from empty stats and people we’ll never meet. Those are for plebes.

Belle beauty and the beast suspicious incredulous GIF | The Lonely Tribalist

Eh, we can’t even keep a straight face re-reading all that. We love collecting followers in our little corner of the Net. We’ve had a jolly good time interacting with you folks and perusing your lovely blogs. And we look forward to doing this more and more! 300 today, 3000 tomorrow!…After we finish binge re-watching House MD. And ordering things on Amazon. And getting distracted by videos of people doing crazy things.

[This is mainly an excuse to post about nothing, which we seem to have been…

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