What is this? Another milestone

My laptop, is my baby, if there was a fire in my house and it was a choice between my partner and my laptop, lets hope he can get out himself.

But the fan went and with the fan went bits of my keyboard, mainly the letters G and H plus the number 8,  but I was resorceful, I got an external keyboard and this worked lovely.

The laptop was nice and warm, I say nice and warm I mean it burnt my legs but I managed through this.

However, it was getting to the point I could no longer ignore it, I went onto youtube and checked out tutorials on how to get the fan working again, only to figure out the fan needed to be replaced.


Today, was the day, I made the decision to go to the computer repair shop. Please enjoy the conversation my brain (B) had with me.

B: Right, so where is this bloody place. Do you get what you are doing, this is really stressful. Oh I know where that is, but lets use the Sat Nav just incase. Didn’t D (partner) say something about taking the Sat Nav out. Oh, well lets go check.

OK. Got the car keys, got the door keys

Me: *Closes front door*

B: WAIT. WAIT. Did you check the back door.  I mean I know we checked it, but between checking it and walking out, the door could of unlocked itself. Go back and check it.

Me: *goes and checks back door. Its still locked*

B: Right, hang on thats a neighbour. Keep walking, keep walking, dont make eye contact. Damn it. You smiled, now she is talking to us, DUM DUM DEE DUM. I don’t care. Stop talking to me. Please. I dont want to know

Me: *smiling at neighbour* Bye

B: FUCKING HELL, WHERE IS THE FUCKING SAT NAV. I am not getting out this car, the neighbour might still be there, you have been there before, you can figure it out.

Me: *Drives off with no clue where I am going*

B: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I knew we would find it. Check us out. Ha we have found the computer repair shop. We should tell someone. Wait hang on. Don’t say anything you will look weird

Me: *conversation with computer repair guy*

B: Wednesday. You are going to have it fixed by Wednesday. Its freaking friday. You expect me to be without a computer till Wednesday. What the hell is wrong with you. Why the fuck don’t you have the parts, I should of gone to Curry’s rather than trust a local trade person who doesn’t have the right parts to my computer. No I am not being fucking unreasonable. Go and get the damn parts. Do you know what I am going to have to do to use my partners desktop. I wonder if I could buy a new laptop, ooohh thats an idea. Get a new laptop. They have some good deals here. I should get a new one. OOOOHHH Maybe I could ask on Facebook. Dad might have one.

Me to computer guy: Yep Wednesday is fine, but if you do manage to get it fixed sooner, could you let me know. Its my fault for bringing it in on a Friday

B: Its his fucking fault for not figuring out I am coming in today. Don’t you dare take the blame. They should of thought you may come in, and got the fan bit and the keyboard bit in

Me; Thanks bye

B: I wonder if I am a terrible parent cause I am not at home waiting for M (this came out of left field)

B: I must ring Dad and see if he has a spare laptop. Someone somewhere must have a laptop I can borrow. 5 days without one, is going to kill me.

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9 Responses to What is this? Another milestone

  1. dray0308 says:

    Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    Introducing It’s Good To Be Crazy Sometimes!!

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  2. Janice Wald says:

    LOL. I hope he didn’t read this.

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  3. I’m a nerd into computer building and it can take no more than a day to troubleshoot a computer problem. Especially if that’s his job. He just doesn’t want to look at it until Tuesday. Either way, your brain works pretty similar to mine. Glad to know I’m not the only crazy person. 😉

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    • He insisted that he had to order in, which could very well be true, but I told him what the problem was, so he didn’t even have to troubleshot, plus with youtube. I managed to take it apart, figured out the part, so he just needed to order it. So basically you are right 😉

      Sometimes being crazy is fun, sometimes, I would hope that my brain gives at least a few people a laugh. There has to be an upside to having social anxiety

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  4. You are hilarious. Definitely following 🙂

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