6 Simple Things To Remember While Shopping This Holiday Season

This, this and so this especially number 3, I refused to serve people who were that damn rude

Dream Big, Dream Often

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From my experience of working retail for nearly a decade, I would like to offer some advice to Holiday/Christmas shoppers:

  1. Take a few moments while you are in the store to thank some of the employees if they do a good job.
  2. Remember the reason behind buying the gifts and don’t be a complete tool box.
  3. Get off the phone when checking out.
  4. Be patient and remember you are one person among thousands (refer back to rule 2.)
  5. If you drop something on the floor, pick it up
  6. Smile.

Keep in mind the reason for the season.  Isn’t it hypocritical to get upset, curse and threaten store employees over Christmas presents??

Show your true Christmas spirit this holiday season and act with a little class while shopping.

This is a Public Service Announcement provided by Dream Big!

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