So very sad

Another shooting in the States and this time in Colorado at the Family Planning Clinic.

I don’t live in the States but reading some of the comments, it appears that a Family Planning Clinic doesn’t just do abortions, it does many other things.

I have spent some time reading comments and one of the ones that stuck out at me, is the sarcastic ones demanding to know when Christian white leaders are coming out to make their apologies or whether this is going to be put down that the individual is a “disturbed” person.

They were demanding to know if Donald Trump is going to come out and demand Christians get tagged, police monitor churches and all the other things this man has come out with recently.

I get where people are coming from, if this had been a man yelling Allah. It would be a terrorist shooting. However, I have been through newspaper reports and there is nothing that says he is a Christian, just that he is Pro Life, which is a bit like saying you can’t be a moral person if you don’t believe in God.

I don’t want to take away from the victims in this, and that is what we should be concentrating on.

I don’t think the whole Religions are the start to all wars, I am not religious and believe that people use religions just to be shits to each other. Its people’s fault distorting faith.

I do think you have to be “disturbed” if you think shooting a bunch of innocent people is going to get you anywhere.

My heart goes out to the people killed in this and elsewhere on this day.

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11 Responses to So very sad

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  2. Atomic Words says:

    It’s terrible when tragedies occur and even more so when people try to place blame at the get of any denomination.
    Ps:- is Donald Trump a Christian? Hhhmmm didn’t know that.

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  3. It is really astounding when the fault of few men is put on the blame of the poor blanket religion thus making the rest of the innocent crowd look bad for their faith. There is no faith that asks anyone to go killing others. These anomalies are the twisted mind of men.

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  4. susieshy45 says:

    A short tribute to the lives of those dead in this meaningless slaughter of innocents. The funny thing is even if we say the killers were “deranged”, how come it is that they know precisely who to kill and at what location- is it that their brains are conditioned properly and arranged well so as to get to the correct place, on time but are deranged otherwise, so that they shoot for no reason and take human lives /- can there be selective derangement ?
    All I can say , is the human mind and how it works is unfathomable.
    Poor, poor victims.

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