Bastard Technology


Technology is trying to tell me something. You will remember my laptop is at the menders, well this morning my darling and delighful son got me up at 5am and we came downstairs and I turned the TV. The TV we have had 1 year 1 month and 1 week, that TV. The TV that no longer had warrenty on it.

This lovely TV had no picture, it had sound but no picture.

Have you ever dealt with a three year old who’s one main mission is life is to watch CBeebies.


In the end I had to get the little TV out the bedroom, and we watched the same Fireman Sam DVD for 6 hours, because I had no idea how to plug the cables into the smaller TV.

It would probably have been for less time, but I spoke to Amazon technical support, who walked me through fixing the damn thing, only for the TV to lose sound. So I then had to speak to Toshiba, who walked me through the same thing and I still got no where. Apart from them sending me to an offical repair person who would charge me £150 to come and check the TV and then add parts, labour and VAT.

I could buy a new bloody TV for that. So being a girl I went for option B, crying! Having worked in retail I have found that losing my temper with some poor person being paid minimum wage never gets me any where and at times from experience being  the poor sap being yelled at, often gets me further away from my goal. Its a bit like the saying be nice to the chief they are the ones cooking your meal. (I may have made that up)

Oh yep, to get what I want feminist actions go out the window, so I rang Amazon explained the situation and the fact I was just out of the warrenty, but a TV should last longer than 13 months.

Although to be fair our last TV lasted less that a year when my son in a strop through something fairly heavy through it, but on that one we claimed on the contents insurance.

Anyhow. There I am about to conjure up the tears, and the customer service guy goes well good to be crazy, if you send us back the TV we will give you a full refund



They have arranged for the pick up of the broken TV and I should receive the refund within 3-5 working days.

I do so love customer service


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10 Responses to Bastard Technology

  1. any1mark66 says:

    Did you explain watching the same video for hours? Maybe that worked. Or the guy was ready to quit and wanted to get back the best way he could authorize a bunch of returns! Good nature doesn’t live in customer service dens! Just posters that say teamwork, service shouldn’t be good but excellent, treat the customer as if they were you…etc.

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  2. Deb says:

    Oh! Thats great! 3-5 days to new tv?

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  3. “£150 to come and check the TV”?!?!? Wow. That’s absolutely insane. Glad you didn’t opt for that. Good to know you got the situation resolved.

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