what sort of world is this?

Yesterday, my government made the decision to bomb the shit of Syria, because, well you know, the other five countries bombing the shit out of it isn’t enough.

On the 4th October 2015 David Cameron said it a clear loud voice about Russia’s bombing in Syria “It will lead to further radicalisation and increased terrorism” So why now less than 2 months later has he suddenly turned around and said “It is Britain’s duty to bomb Syria” what news does he have that we don’t


Or is it, maybe to do with, the fact that the USA and Saudi Arabia wanted to build a gas pipe through Syria and Assad said no. Now they want him out for humanitary reasons.

Like we haven’t seen that before. Do they really think the British public have that short a memory.

Syria is one the few middle easten countries that has human rights laws and doesn’t oppress women, so I want to know exactly what humanitary reasons they have

I don’t agree with bombing Syria, but then I think we are living in horrible times.

It is illegal to be gay in 75 countries. Racism is still rife everywhere, The world still allows murder defences such as gay panic defence.  People are not free to worship who they like. Poverty is everywhere, people everywhere  don’t have access to clean water or education.

We live in a world where greed is key. Where a man can buy a life saving drug and then increase the price by 5000%

Were a government, it appears, would rather bomb a country than admit that it won’t live up to its election promises  David Cameron does not expect to get agreement on EU reforms in the December European Council, this would be yet another election promise failed and yet another dent in trust in the Tory government.

A world that holds its breath and hopes and prays that the US public don’t vote in a racist, foul mouthed idiot, who’s idea of the country he wants to live in is more suited to Berlin in 1945.

This world which when Paris was attacked we stood united and now we stand united in blowing up a country which has the misfortune to have an ISIS stronghold, where a hostage, who was held by ISIS for 10 months has come out with a simple, easy idea, which won’t lead to us, yep that us the Western world, create a new generation of terrorists

I do think the British public is to blame, everyone was in uproar about the welfare reforms, but I do wonder how many people then, went and found out how their MP voted and complained or did they just write statuses on facebook and tweet their frustrations. These people are in government and we are their bosses. When did the public forget that, MP’s work for us.

I pray for the civilians in Syria and hope that someone somewhere will see sense before world war 3 happens.


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16 Responses to what sort of world is this?

  1. Erica Herd says:

    You hit the nail on the head at “greed is key.” Here in the U.S. we have a shooting every 16 minutes, mass shootings are now commonplace and the NRA has numerous senators in its back pocket so gun controls won’t be stiffened, and people can continue to own and purchase semi-automatic weapons. We also have 2000 terrorists on a no-fly list who are able to purchase guns. Sorry for getting on my own rant, but there it is.

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  2. Souldiergirl says:

    I completely agree with this. This world is becoming smaller and smaller in the worst ways- feels like a black hole. There are good people and beautiful souls- buy those in high leadership are sick with corruption and the world is a gaping wound. 😦 thank you for sharing my friend

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  3. It’s just so disheartening.

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  4. Deb says:

    The world is turning into a terrible place. Horrible things are happening, and those in power seem to be finding solutions in the most horrible way possible. This happened in my country recently.


    It’s always a question of, what other horrible thing is going to happen next?

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  5. sylvialoves says:

    Humanitarian usually politic speak for brown people have our shit. We are bombing them for “brown people have our shit” reasons. See? Works every time!

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