What have I created

I turned on the TV this afternoon and found Star Trek The motion Picture.


My son loved it, asked very sensible question about who people are, quiet proud he didn’t seemed fussed about the Klingons and their forehead.


So guess we are going to go through the Star Trek movies. Not sure if we will do the next generation, because I have found that the original movies have less violence and are perfect for him.

I am also thinking introducing him to Doctor Who now, I may have to be careful of which episodes. For example Blink with the Weeping Angels, for those who don’t know

This is especially important as one of our neighbours has statues outside.


I am so very excited he is turning into a geek just like his parents

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7 Responses to What have I created

  1. Deb says:

    That’s great. I haven’t watched Doctor Who…but am a big Star Trek fun.

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