Most parents

probably wouldn’t of whipped out a camera, but I liked it and besides he was sad because his leaf blew away and mummy didn’t know which one it was


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13 Responses to Most parents

  1. koolaidmoms says:

    Awe, how sweet. Such a great picture to tell him about when he is older. Now that my son is 12 he loves hearing stories like this about himself and too often we forget the little moments.

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  2. Arpita says:

    Aww, his leaf! So precious this age is.

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  3. Mel (Hippo256) says:

    Aww, how can we stupid people not know which leaf his was?

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  4. heenie says:

    Aw so adorable

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  5. bipolarfirst says:

    It just shows that it isn’t as easy to be a “care free” child as some adults would like to think. They experience such sorrow over the simplest truths of the universe. His leaf blew away. Sweet boy.

    I like the idea of taking pictures of all parts of experience. We tend to stick with the “smile..cheeese” everybody happy…kids being super cute kind of pictures but perhaps that gets like Facebook sharing… and it subtly communicates that other feelings are not acceptable…to the little children.

    I remember when my son was in the hospital as a toddler, I took pictures. Older people thought this was so bizarre and uncomfortable that I took pictures of his little iv and him in his little gown. I didn’t share them all over social was just the taking them and then sharing them with family that was judged.

    I felt like it was part of his life and our family’s life and we didn’t need to run from it but embrace it like everything else. Why make it into a bad thing?

    So anyway. That is what I thought of when I saw your simple sweet post here.

    Thanks for listening!

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    • Thanks for the lovely comments (its the second, which is doubly nice) I am not sure if there is a typical parent but if there is I am certainly not, I have videos of him stropping, just because some of the stuff he comes out with is very funny, once you get over the strop. I agree its important to share the whole of childhood not just the good. I love the fact that he was an amazing baby, but to go with that he can strop for Britain and I want to make sure that if he has children what he was like


  6. bipolarfirst says:

    I will add that he is now in grade school and is fascinated by and proud of these pictures and this story…of him being such a brave little guy. It is part of his story.

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