Maybe its me

As I am sure you all know I have been chasing my 500 follower. But something curious is happening everytime I get a new follower. The number never changes.

What could be happening is when someone follows me, someone else decided I was boring and unfollowed me. But its curious, anyone else noticed something fishy going on with their numbers and stats?


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14 Responses to Maybe its me

  1. koolaidmoms says:

    I have more trouble between my phone and computer. One will show one number and the other a different number.

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  2. heenie says:

    hahaha don’t worry about numbers just enjoy your blog…

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  3. There are some times I wonder why the ping-pong with following and unfollowing someone? Oh well, I try not to worry about that.

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  4. any1mark66 says:

    There sends to be flexing in those numbers. I have seen the number appear change with the same follower remaining on top of list. So it’s definitely you. 😉

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  5. For some reason one person just followed me and that caused me to lose one of my earlier followers even though she didn’t unfollow me or anything. When she refollowed it worked fine but put her at the top of the list like she was a new follower. I dunno

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  6. I’ve noticed recently that blogs I’ve followed for some time just drop off my reader list and I have to refollow them. I haven’t deliberately unfollowed them or done anything at all. They just stop showing up in my reader. A couple I had to unfollow and then follow again to have them show back up in my emails and reader. I think wordpress has ongoing glitches like that. I’ve heard of others having that issue as well. Not just me.

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