*pops up*

So I am trying a different direction for my links and it is taking forever. I never knew how many great blogs I follow and I am thinking maybe what I should of done is said to those who wanted to be included should say, and push it at that.

But then I thought well, some people might want to be involved but are just a little shy, maybe they think its too pushy. Also I find its nice to be surprised when someone thinks your blog is awesome without saying something

So I am doing it my way, cause you know, I can. But trying to keep up with everything else, replying, reading, cleaning the house, playing with the child, the dog, the cats. Paying attention to the partner. (All who think they are more important that my blog) and with Christmas round the corner, the elf and keeping up with being sarcastic with my friends there are not enough hours in the day or night to be honest. But I think once I have done it then my life is going to be much easier (this by the way involved spreadsheets)

So keep with me. I shall try and keep up with everything but I do have a routine, and so it can be difficult.

Tomorrow is paperwork day plus the child’s Christmas party so I pretty much have a good 7 hours (which is unheard of) to be able to concentrate so I should nail it on the head then 🙂


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