The Amazon Saga

I explained here how great Amazon and their customer service was.

Well, the money still hadn’t hit my account as of yesterday, so I rang them up explained the situation and they wondered off to find out what was happening.

They came back two minutes later to inform me the money had gone back on a gift card because I paid on a gift card

single facepalm

I tried to get out of this, being the orgainised person I am I have finished my Christmas shopping , most of which has been done on Amazon but of course I had paid cash. I explained this to the lady, who informed me there was nothing I can do.

OK so apart from Amazon not telling me I paid on gift card and said they would be putting it on my card (twice) none of this is their fault.

I worked in customer service for over 10 years I should of known this. I also knew that I had paid by gift card, because we had to claim for the last TV on the home insurance because the toddler had thrown something threw the TV.


So now I have a gift card and no cash. Being the resourceful person I am, I informed my darling partner, he might not be getting anything for Christmas and have sent back his presents to get the cash and then will rebuy them on the gift card. I could send all of the presents back but I want to make sure I have gifts and my partner is old enough to understand I hope.

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