Living on benefits

I was trying to think of a way to discribe being on benefits but you know what in this day and age with zero hour contracts there is very little difference.

As a person on benefits I rely on that money to pay bills, often I have to choose which bills to pay.

They can stop the money at a moments notice and due to the way it works if one stops then they could all stop, not to start again for up to 6 weeks, if that happens then I would have no way of being able to pay anything, probably a reason as to why I buy a months worth of everything.

I am not proud to be on benefits and I have no  intention of remaining on them for the rest of my life, but the way it works in the UK I am not getting a pension, I get little or no support to get back into the work force, once I am there that seems to be it.

I am not sure people understand that the majority of people on benefits live day to day never knowing how anything is getting paid and just greatful to survive that day and yet the government want to keep taking from us.

Did you know facebook earned close to $3 billion and Cadbury’s earned £96.5m  and between them last year paid a grand totel of around £4,000 in tax in the UK, the average family in the UK is looking to lose £1000.

If these companies paid tax then we wouldn’t have to cut welfare

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