I may be slightly obsessed with stats, but my favourite thing to watch is the countries stats

Someone in the Isle of Man read at least one post. I thought the Isle of Man was counted as the UK

My knowledge of countries isn’t great, according to my stats there is a country called Laos, not knowing anything about this country (or the fact it exists) I did what any person would do and googled it.

Its a landlocked country in Asia, it use to be French and was made independant in 1953, its actually a very interesting country.

I think its amazing that people from all countries come and visit me

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10 Responses to Stats

  1. yellowwolf80 says:

    I just found where I could check the countries and it is really interesting to see! I must admit I do like seeing my visits and followers go up in numbers ☺

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    • I love watching my stats, I do have a thing about trying to beat my records for most likes, most comments and most views. Because I like seeing growth and I am a competitive person, however I do enjoy blogging for the sake of blogging. My fav is the countries, I had someone from cambodia today, I thought they had renamed it

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  2. I totally with you about the fascination with countries. For me this has a lot to do with my belief in the six degrees of separation (the are six degrees that separate me from everyone else in the world; with the world wide web / social networking it may be less than six). I see someone from Nambia or Slovakia and I am pleased my words and images are being seen by someone over “there.” Sometimes I go over to my yearly stat section and view all, and then just stare at the map. Pakistan Japan Brazil Switzerland. It makes me feel more connected to the world, less isolated.

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  3. gary loggins says:

    Yes, I find it pretty awesome that people in Poland or UAE are reading my takes on classic American films! Kind of mind-boggling…

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  4. stephleo says:

    I am so with you on. It’s amazing to think people from all over the world read what we write. Pretty cool!

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  5. I can relate with this because I look at it sometimes too and wish to catch a glimpse of the viewer 😊

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