So very stressed

I love my son dearly, but the problem with having him and the dog is they wind each other up, if one is being naughty you can beat your bottom dollar the other one is up to something.

I have been counting down the time since 8am to when I was dropping my son off, and I was tempted to drop the dog off with him.

And for three hours I had peace and quiet it was lovely. Go and pick the child up and boom the house explodes again.

And because I am tired I find it difficult keeping my temper, the amount of time outs I have put myself in is amazing.

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6 Responses to So very stressed

  1. firstooth says:

    It’s ok to lose your temper, you’re a mum it can all be too much sometimes. We all go through days like this just treat yourself when you can and remember your little one doesn’t do it on purpose, even if you’re sure he does. I think that too sometimes! Treat yourself to some wine and relaxation this evening x

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