What’s this a review?

I dont do reviews as a general thing. I don’t have the patience to discribe things in full details and explain the pros and cons.

But having said all that, if you are a dog person and have a chewy dog, I have a lab springer mix, so will chew anything, you find that they go through toys like anything.

And as for balls, we were going through god knows how many tennis balls a month.

However we have found a new (not sure how new but new to us) sort of toy. Called kong toys.

Firstly their tennis balls, which we throw, for the dog using a launcher, a good 3 months it has lasted and it is still going. It still has its squeak its going well.

Next their bone. The greatest thing to this bone, is it has a squeak which you can turn off. I never knew how difficult it was to buy a dog toy that didn’t squeak, but kong toys do.

See I told you I was a rubbish reviewer. But the basic is if you have a dog and don’t use Kong toys, go give them a go

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7 Responses to What’s this a review?

  1. Our boxer never liked tennis balls but she loves the Chuck It balls and we have the launcher for it. She has about 6 of them including a glow in the dark one. Some of the balls have been around for over 2 years now. You pay the price for something like this, but it is honestly worth it because they last. She has the KONG brand KONG and loves her peanut butter in that. You can not tear those things up. I never do reviews either but I did do a post on the Chuck it Balls one time lol. Great minds think alike.

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  2. Your review sounds good to me, but I don’t have a dog. LOL!
    I have a cat.

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