You Need to See This Photo of a Smiling Donkey After it Was Rescued From a River

Check this smile

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Mike is a donkey from Killorglin in Ireland.

He almost drowned when a river next to his field broke its banks and flooded stranding him in a ditch on Sunday.

smiling donkey

But never fear, this story does have a happy ending!Animal Heaven Animal Rescuewere on hand and rescued Mike with nothing but a small dingy and an orange lifebouy.

Rescuer Suzanne Gibbons, who runs AHAR, said she only had one chance to rescue Mike due to the rapidly rising flood waters.

“At first I couldn’t find anybody willing to help me go in because the river was flooding really badly,” Suzanne said.

“But finally Mike Fleming of the Killorglin Rowing Club took me out and we managed to get a life ring around the donkey’s neck and drag him to safety.”

Now just look at that lovely grin! *swoons*

smiling donkeyMike is now recovering from his ordeal at Suzanne’s place…

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5 Responses to You Need to See This Photo of a Smiling Donkey After it Was Rescued From a River

  1. Mel (Hippo256) says:

    I’m so glad those two people took the time, energy and faced possible risks to safe this donkey. I think that’s important.p, but helling out doesn’t happen very often (also between humans, but I think that happens more in general than humans for animals). Animals and humans both need help and saving sometimes and I don’t think animals are ‘less worthy’ of that. And you can really see the donkey’s gratefulness! This made my day, Thank you for sharing.

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  2. mopana says:

    I am so glad he was rescued. I love donkeys 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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