Today was a tough but enjoyable day. I went to have lunch with my Dad, he lives a maximum of ten minutes away, but the quickest way is down the motorway.

It was going to be a tight run, I had to drop my son off at 12.35pm,(a lunch without a child whoop whoop) jump in the car, drive down to his house all in time for 1pm.

A few things went wrong. We left for school, without my son wearing his uniform, so had to run back for it. Thankfully it is just a T-shirt


Got him into school, then ran back to the car, please note I use the term run losely.

Now I was so excited about being in my car listening to what I wanted rather than Justin’s house that I bunged on my IPod and then started singing along. I got to the motorway fairly quickly and rather nicely it was reasonably quiet. About 2 miles later, it struck me that maybe just maybe I was going the wrong way instead of going south I was infact going north. I base this on the very simple fact that the junction I got on at and the junction I get off at, are little more than a mile apart.

So I had to go all the way (5 miles) down the motorway to the next junction and get off go round the roundabout and go back, this made me later than expected.

But apart from that I had a lovely time, company was good and lunch was great.

I could do a review of where we went but ^^^^ that is as good as it gets 😉

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2 Responses to Today

  1. Cheyanne says:

    HA! Days like these are a little bit tough but they also make for an amusing story 😉 And they help me appreciate the days that run a little more smoothly 🙂

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