*Reblog* Christmas Gifts From Me To You

Happy Holidays to you.

A Journey With You

Buying Christmas gifts makes me feel good. I would be happy if I could afford to buy all of you a gift this year. I would even be happy if I had all of your addresses and could send you all a card. I can’t do either of these things, but I put together this list of freebies for you, and I am hoping you will download, or sign up to receive at least one of them. If you do receive one of them, please put it under the tree with a tag on it that says, Merry Christmas, from Rebecca!

  1. Free Blog Planner http://avirtuouswoman.org/free-blog-planner/
  2. Free Blog Planner http://eliteblogacademy.com/free-blog-planner/
  3. Free Blogging Printables http://cortinsession.com/free-blogging-printables-2015-blog-planner/
  4. Free Adult Coloring Pages http://www.easypeasyandfun.com/free-coloring-pages-for-adults/
  5. Free Zen and Anti-Stress Coloring Pages http://www.coloring-pages-adults.com/coloring-zen/
  6. Free Kindle Books on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/b?node=2245146011
  7. Free Magazines http://freebies.about.com/od/booksmagazines/fl/free-magazines.htm
  8. Free Online Classes http://www.openculture.com/freeonlinecourses
  9. Free Writing Courses http://study.com/articles/10_Universities_Offering_Free_Writing_Courses_Online.html
  10. Free Newsletters (Best of) http://greatist.com/discover/subscribe-to-these-newsletters
  11. Daily Devotionals (Best…

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