I am not a great believer in karma, but once in a while I see something that makes me think yeah it exists.

The piece of news that has prompted this post is news about Martin Shkreli, for those who don’t know who this guy is he is most famous for buying a potentially life saving HIV drug and increased it from $13.50 to $750 Thats an increase of 5000% and this would be the second time he has done this

This greedy excuse for a human being, has been arrested by the FBI for securities fraud this carries a sentence of up to 5 years, although its more likely he would get probabtion and fines which personally I think this would be better as it would hit him where it hurt

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11 Responses to Karma

  1. H there. I don’t know about Karma. But I did nominate you for a Versatile Blogger Award.

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  2. From what I saw of the reports, the Feds feel his crimes were far more serious than a little insider trading, like using the term “trifecta” of securities crimes, which can’t be good. I would expect he’ll see some time at one of the cushy federal prisons for white collar criminals (which is whole other rant).

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  3. This guy is a lame excuse for a human being but like you said Karma can take care of it

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