I was thinking

I have been very ill recently and then when I started getting over it, my partner came down with whatever I had but his symptoms were more flu like.

But when I am ill I think. I started thinking about the Royal family here in the UK, the thing is we are their subjects and I get that if I ever see Queen Elizabeth I should bow, infact it seems I have to bow to most of them.

They have a whole dynasty going on. How many jobs are you born into?

But the thing I was thinking about was, they are rich, I mean really rich and yet some people in the UK are struggling with deciding about whether to turn on the heating or food.

And yet we get flooded by photos of them looking happy and fed. The thing is when I was researching this, I couldn’t tell, and looking at it nor could anyone else, tell how much the queen much less the royal family costs us.

Now I am not saying they don’t do anything for it, at 88 years old, she is still travelling the world with her 91 year old husband, a lot of the royal family are heads of various charities, but the Queen gets 12.5 million a year off the tax payer, the Prince of Wales gets 19.1 million and they both voluntarly pay taxes.

But 13 million people in the UK lives under the poverty line. How about if the Queen gives her money to those people? And they split the 19 million. Maybe its a crazy idea. With her estimated 80 million pounds, I am guessing she might not notice too much

The thing is, the last time we started to get pissed off with our royalty, we cut off his head and banned Christmas.

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10 Responses to I was thinking

  1. susieshy45 says:

    And sometimes they try to eat so little so as to stay thin and stylish.
    I agree with all your points- they should voluntarily give up most of their income, and work for a living just like anyone else but the beneficiaries should be very carefully chosen.
    Nice dreaming !

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  2. I think the same about the Roman Catholic Church despite what they do indeed spend of their social mission.

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