Do you remember that blog post, where I was very smug that I had finished my Christmas shopping well if you don’t here you go


It turns out I hadn’t. I was double checking all the presents and realised the things I had ordered for my family, you know mum, dad, two sisters and their husbands hadn’t arrived. Massive sudden fear.

You know sometimes I am so stupid it amazes me, I checked the website, (not on the highstreet if you are interested) and there in the basket was all the damn presents. This was on Monday, four days before Christmas. So I said a brief prayer and ordered them. They wanted £9. Yep you read that right nine pound to get them here before Christmas. And that would be nine flipping pound per present. Basically the postage was going to cost more than the actual presents.

I thought fuck it, Christmas isn’t about the giving and did the cheaper option.

And thank God they all arrived, last one today, so take that your nine flipping pound


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8 Responses to Whoops

  1. The C-Sweet says:

    Victory for the online shopper….can’t tell you how often I’ve done similar…nevermind the time I left the grocery store with my cart full of groceries sitting there by the curb. Merry Christmas! xo

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  2. 9 pounds. All the extra postal help did the job for you!

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  3. Cheyanne says:

    Hahahaha! That’s WAY expensive for shipping. I ordered some bras and pj pants the DAY AFTER the last day for “free shipping before Christmas.” Since they were for me anyway (and some on back order) I just went for the cheapest shipping possible. I got them ALL (even backordered bras) in 3 days. Yeah right like I was going to pay $15 for “priority” shipping.

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