Happy Boxing Day

In the UK (and lots of other commonwealth countries) we celebrate boxing day, as far as I can remember its always been the 26th December.

It has something to do with tradesmen and servants getting a Christmas box, to us here in the UK its a bank holiday.

It is also St Stephen’s day and there seems to be links between St Stephen and giving gifts to the “lower classes”

In the olden days Boxing Day for us was our sale day, a bit like Black Friday in the States. Of course now, we also seem to have a Black Friday.

There you go a bit of a history lesson. You are all most welcome

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17 Responses to Happy Boxing Day

  1. jsackmom says:

    Happy Boxing day from my house to yours. Canada is part of the British Common Wealth as well. It’s a turkey left over eating, watching World Jr hockey, guitar hero competition day. 😃

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  2. Mel (Hippo256) says:

    Interesting. In school they told me it was called boxing day because you were all going to watch boxing matches, live or on tv.
    Here we have first and second Christmas Day.

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    • There does seem to be a little confusion, but I went with the dictionary definition, I am not sure any boxing matches happen. It use to be the start of the hunting season.

      When I was checking my facts I saw that some European countries call it the second Christmas Day due to the 12 days of Christmas (I think)

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      • Mel (Hippo256) says:

        I have no idea why we have 2 Christmas Days. Maybe people just wanted an extra holiday with another extra nice dinner and breakfast. Now you can spread seeing the family (if you do that) and you don’t have to clear up the decorations right away. Oh well, we have 2 Easter Days as well. It doesn’t really matter to me why if I have a day off 😉 Although I’m not really fond of everything clouding, so you’re forced to sit at home. But I understand if people don’t want to work. If I would be able to work, I would love to work during official holidays. Then you have something to do during the day, usually it’s more quiet, people are nicer and the pay is higher.

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      • I use to work in retail and we got double the hourly rate for working boxing day, although I am not sure if I would say the customers were nicer especially with that being our sale day

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      • Mel (Hippo256) says:

        *closing. Autocorrect was busy again, yay 😉 still have to figure out how to turn it off xD

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      • I love your autocorrects gives me something to smile at. 😉

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