Lifestyle Links Part 2

If you want to check out part one you can click here

If you do feel you should be on the lifestyle links, then let me know and I will check to see if I have you on there, and if not will add you. Also if you dont want to be on this list then give me a yell as well

So enjoy these amazing blogs

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6 Responses to Lifestyle Links Part 2

  1. Thanks for the plug!

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  2. Mel (Hippo256) says:

    It’s nice that you post links. I was just wondering, when is something a lifestyle blog? It’s all very diverse, so I have no idea. I’m still a blogger noobie and I would have no idea how to describe my own blog, or some others.

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    • Thank you and to be honest, its normally if it has lifestyle in the name, thats my main clue, some blogs I am not sure of and they go in my not sure pile, if someone tells me what they want their blog to be considered at than that is what it will be. I also read the about sections to get a feel, And also what they blog about. Some blogs are difficult because they might do a few catagories, in which case those ones go under what I know them for, unless the blogger tells me differently. I must admit that when I started this I didn’t realise how many lifestyle blogs I followed

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      • Mel (Hippo256) says:

        I’ll just stay ‘My own hippo blog about everything and nothing’ until someone can give me a better description of my blog then 😉 I would be too afraid to call myself an advice blog or something like that. My advice will suck for a lot of people, because it’s always personal if it’s something for you or not.
        I really like that lifestyle blogs are more diverse than I thought. I was afraid that it would all be psychologists telling you how to live positive and stuff like that, but it’s much more diverse and also with personal stuff. It’s not that I’m against advice or positivity, that’s definitely not it, but sometimes I just can’t stand inspirational quotes or ‘life lessons’. And some things feel a bit ‘fake’. Everyone has downs and if people say they never have anything that they dislike the tiniest bit, I just think they’re lying. But not having downs, doesn’t make you perfect or a better person.

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      • Some people dont fit into a catergory I have to admit you maybe going in my various pile

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