An idea

I a going through my emails, reading blogs I follow and the one thing that frustrates me is reading a reblog of someone I follow. So for example I follow Blogger A and B and they follow each other Blogger A reblogs something of blogger B, which I have already read.

Nowhere am I saying I dislike reblogs, I love them and have followed some great bloggers that I have found because someone I followed has reblogged them. I also know its not all about me. Because obviously Blogger A is going to have followers that I don’t and that hasn’t read the post of blogger B. Also there is a possibilty that I missed the post from blogger B and caught it because of the reblog.

But I want a button or tickbox where is says I don’t want emails of reblogs of people I follow.

I literally have no idea if that is even doable, considering all the codes and equations that would go into it probably not. But its just a random thought that entered my head that I thought ooohh I shall write that down

Of course someone is now going to tell me that is a feature available

Welcome to the random bollocks that happens in my head.

You are welcome 😉

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14 Responses to An idea

  1. Tony Burgess says:

    Reblogs are a primary reason I left full-time blogging at Tumblr because there are way too many. I wanted some original content and posts, you really don’t get that much there. There aren’t as many reblogs here as there are on Tumblr.

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  2. Mel (Hippo256) says:

    I understand what you mean. I have no idea how you can stop it either. Just scrolling past it, I guess.

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  3. koolaidmoms says:

    I undid getting emails about any of the blogs I follow. I just scroll past them in my reader if I realize it is someone I already follow that has been reblogged by someone else.

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  4. susieshy45 says:

    Great idea. Why don’t you suggest it to WP and maybe they will be able to do something about it .

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